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Our Executive Team...

Darin L. Miller - Chief Executive Officer
Triniti Communications has been founded and will be run by Darin Miller. He went to college for Business Administration Sales & Marketing with a minor in corporate management. He has owned several successful businesses in various industries including business consulting, marketing, biometric solutions, web application development, communications sales, and health & beauty.

His work expertise is extensive in the areas of corporate administration and communications including broadband connectivity sales, networking solutions, web application development, and more. He also carries almost twenty years of experience in network marketing and has built strong and successful organizations in companies like Excel Telecommunications and Amway.

One of his most noticeable achievements was during his brief tenure at AT&T. He was Ohio Sales Manager for the AT&T Winback program. A somewhat successful AT&T effort to win long distance customers back to AT&T from their competitors. Mr. Miller shattered all sales records for new markets in record time and as a result was promoted to Regional Sales Manager which spanned territory from the Mississippi River over to Maine down to South Carolina. This was all accomplished in 60 days from launching the market.

During his tenure at AT&T, he was introduced to network marketing in the telecommunications industry through Excel Telecommunications. Already an expert in interpersonal interaction, he was attracted to how ingeniously the multi-level marketing business model was applied to the telecommunications industry. He did extremely well and moved through the ranks in Excel and as a result left AT&T. And after broken promises by Excel corporate that caused the dissolving away of their network marketing opportunity and the financial demise of many of its independent representatives, he decided to establish his own network marketing company and eventually chose digital communications, entertainment, automation and security services as his company's focus. The rest is history in the making.

William Phillips - SEVP Broadcast Communications
Mr. Phillips is an expert in video and audio streaming technologies over cable and satellite networks and over the Internet. He has developed several video compression codecs that are still being widely used in the broadcasting industry today. He holds patents on some DVR technology as well. He has worked with some of the most widely known names in communications including: DirecTV, Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and several others both domestically and abroad. Mr. Phillips is responsible for bringing our Nuclius HD IPTV to life from a hardware, software, regulatory, licensing and distribution standpoint.

Bruce L. Murray - SEVP Wireless Communications
Mr. Murray is an expert in mobile phone and wireless device platform development and marketing. He has amassed extensive relationships and expertise in the wireless industry throughout his tenure with companies such as British Telecom, Verizon Wireless and several others both domestically and abroad. He is the primary person responsible for bringing Spirit to life from a hardware, software, regulatory, licensing and distribution standpoint.

Dana N. Miller - Chief Operations Officer
Ms. Miller has over 15 years of experience in advanced customer service and support. She is largely responsible for developing our state-of-the-art, real-time, web-based Premier Service & Support Centers for both our customers and Independent Consultants. She will continue to expand out the capabilities of this system to allow us to improve upon our existing strong reputation of exceptional customer service and support both pre and post sale.

James Hodges - SEVP Marketing
Mr. Hodges has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the network marketing industry. Not only has he built highly successful organizations in several companies, he also understands this industry from an administrative perspective. He has also developed and assisted in the development of several compensation plans for several network marketing companies. He will continue to monitor and improve upon our network marketing system, compensation plan, marketing materials, opportunity media, etc and can do so more effectively by clearly understanding the perspectives and goals of both corporate and its independent sales force. He has contributed dramatically to our current compensation plan and marketing model over the last few months and these efforts have prepared us for an effective and aggressive launch of our cutting edge digital services in the near future.

Damon L. Miller - SVP Product Development
Mr. Miller is primarily focused on all stages of product/service development and distribution. He is involved in the management, coordination and progression of engineering, development, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, warehousing and distribution. Over the course of our growth, most of Mr. Miller's positions will be made separate and we will hire the most competent and qualified staff to fill these new positions.

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