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TrinitiComm's GeneSys Works Just Like Any Traditional Phone Line and Without the Need of a PC or Laptop. Enjoy a LOT More Bang for the Buck While Saving Up to 70% on Phone Service and the Freedom to Take It With You and Use It Almost Anywhere in the World Like You Were at Home!*

GeneSys™ is a leading edge technology that, when in use, transforms a portion of your high speed Internet connection into a regular phone line. But unlike other Internet phone technologies, you don't need headphones, software or even a computer. You simply connect your existing phone to your ADSL/cable modem using our Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and you can start making and receiving calls right away from and to anywhere in the world like you were at home or the office. No technician appointments required. Here's an illustration of how it works...

GeneSys comes with your own phone number and it works just like any regular phone line with dial tone and all. You can call anyone and anybody can call you. You have the option of using the number we provide you or keep your existing number. Best of all, GeneSys is on average, 45% cheaper than your current phone company and up to 70% cheaper than traditional phone service.

No More Long Distance Charges!
With GeneSys, you will save a bundle on long distance. Any calls you make or receive to anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are considered local and are FREE! You can travel or even move to another country and call friends and family just like if you were at home or the office. Here are 2 examples of how you can get free long distance calling by using our service.

Let's say you live in Los Angeles but you are traveling to London. Simply bring the GeneSys adapter along, plug it into your hotel's high speed Internet line and into your phone there. You will instantly get a dial tone. You can call anyone in Los Angeles. Anyone can reach you at your (212) phone number. These calls are considered 'local' and there are no long distance charges.

Have a friend/relative abroad who you call regularly? With GeneSys you can call them and they can call you anytime, free of charge.

Another Example
Let's say you live in New York but your parents live in Shanghai. Sign your parents up on GeneSys and send our adapter to them in Shanghai. They simply plug in their phone to our adapter and their high speed Internet line. You (or anyone in New York) can call them at their (718) number - free of charge. They can call you (or anyone else in New York) - also free of charge.

Freedom To Move Your Phone Service Wherever & Whenever You Want!
Another benefit of using GeneSys is portability. Our service provides the ultimate in portability. GeneSys gives you the freedom to move your phone line anywhere, anytime you want. You can receive phone service anywhere in the world and all you need is high speed Internet access. No technician setup is required and no expensive re-connect fees. You have two convenient ways to accomplish this.

  1. Just take your phone and adapter with you during your travels and plug it into a broadband Internet connection. You are then ready to make and receive phone calls.
  2. Using our free Soft Phone software, all you need is your PC or laptop and your home or office phone is wherever you are! Simply download and install our Soft Phone software on your laptop, configure it and instantly you are ready to make and receive phone calls using your laptop, using your home or office phone number. If someone calls your home or office phone, your laptop will 'ring' at the same time!
Here are some examples of how you can enjoy GeneSys phone service from anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection.

Let's say that you rent or have to move regularly. Simply bring our adapter with you, plug it into the high speed Internet line at your new location and you will receive a dial tone immediately. Anyone who calls you at your old number will get through to you at your new location. You do not need to configure anything. There is no need for any technician visits. There are no move fees.

Another Example
Let's say that you have a small business and need to travel to Europe but still need to be able to make calls to the US like you were still in the US. Simply bring your Soft Phone loaded laptop with you, plug into the high speed Internet line at your hotel (wired or wireless) and you will be ready to make phone calls as soon as you start the software. You can make phone calls like you are still at your office and anyone who calls you at your phone number will get through like you are still at your office. You do not need to configure anything. There is no need for any technician visits. Just plug it in and call or be called.
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* Broadband Internet Accessed Required To Use Our VoIP Phone Service
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There are many very important things to consider when selecting a Digital Phone Service provider. Click Here for the low down and discover what makes TrinitiComm so much different than those other guys.
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