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Get Your FREE Softphone For Use While On The Go!

Travel Light with a Softphone
TrinitiComm customers have the option to use software based telephones called softphones, if desired. A softphone is very powerful telephony software that can be setup to work on any computer or laptop with a broadband internet connection. In minutes you can make and receive phone calls using your own telephone number right through your existing PC or notebook computer. It's awesome! At the same time your home phone rings so does your PC or notebook and you can just take the call as normal. Placing a call is just as simple. Simply dial the number and click Send just like using a cell phone.

Seamless Integration With Outlook Contacts and Address Book
Most softphones will automatically import all of your contacts from your Microsoft Outlook or Address Book software for fast and convenient dialing. You can even send emails and instant messages.

What A Softphone Can Do For You

  • Use on your laptop while traveling
  • Travel without a telephone and phone adapter
  • Use instead of a traditional telephone handset
Easy to Setup and Use
Simply install the software and put the correct configuration information in the correct boxes when prompted and voila! When your status indicator says ready then you are ready to make and receive calls.You can be all setup and ready to go in about 2 minutes. Contact Technical Support for you specific configuration information. We can even set it up on your PC or laptop for you if it is connected to a broadband Internet connection.

Zoiper Is By Far The Best Softphone Available

Although you can use whatever Softphone software you wish, TrinitiComm recommends the Zoiper Communicator software by Zoiper. The software is fully compatible with the GeneSys telephone network. In fact, we actually use the same software for all of our corporate communications and phone extensions with our advanced PBX system.

Please Note that the computer you will use for your softphone must have audio speakers and a microphone, or compatible microphone enabled headset for this software and our phone service to function properly.

Service Cost: One Time $19.95 Setup Fee*

Download Free Zoiper Softphone Software

* The Softphone is FREE for all customers who have already purchased or rented a ATA adapter or router. The setup fee only applies to new customers who opt to use Softphone only.
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