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Here Are A Few Ways We Differ From Our Competitors!
  • Vonage and almost every other VoIP company charge a setup fee. We don't charge setup fees. TrinitiComm only charges a fully refundable Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) deposit if you need an adapter. We also have a few other payment options for getting your adapter.
  • Vonage and most other VoIP companies provide locked ATAs even when paid for. All of our ATAs are unlocked and will work on almost any VoIP network. You bought it so you should be able to use it wherever you wish.
  • Vonage's "unlimited" residential plan costs $24.95 and has a cap on monthly minutes. TrinitiComm's truly Unlimited residential plan is $19.99 (with 1 year agreement, $24.99 month to month) and has no monthly minute caps.
  • TrinitiComm's first month free offer applies to ALL service plans. Vonage's offer applies only to ONE of their service plans.
  • TrinitiComm offers cash payments, free gifts and other additional incentives for customer referrals such as: free cordless phones, Entertainment® books for your area, and more.
  • TrinitiComm's shipping costs (for adapter, etc.) are less expensive than Vonage and most other VoIP providers.
  • TrinitiComm does not charge a cancellation fee (except on contract plans.) Vonage and almost every other VoIP provider does.
  • TrinitiComm's voice quality is better than Vonage and most other VoIP providers.
  • TrinitiComm allows our ATAs to be used outside of N. America and most other VoIP providers do not.
  • TrinitiComm allows residential service plans to be used in business locations and most other VoIP providers.
  • Vonage's fax line cannot be used for voice calls (T.38 protocol). TrinitiComm's fax line allows both voice and fax usage.
  • Vonage charges an extra $10 per month for using their Softphone. TrinitiComm's Soft Phone is free of charge and included with your GeneSys service.
  • TrinitiComm offers better, more personalized customer service and technical support than Vonage and most other VoIP providers.

The Difference Is Crystal Clear So...

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Unlimited Calls In the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico
Unlimited International Calling To Your Choice of Either Europe or Asia*
Great Calling Features
  • Call Waiting
• Caller ID Display
• Voice Mail
• Voice to E-mail
• Call Hold
• Caller ID Block
• 3-Way Calling
• Enhanced Call
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Free Softphone For Your Laptop or PC
1st Month Free
Just $19.99
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