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Why Us? We Have Several Really, Really Good Reasons!

Our Mission is to provide you with the overall best VoIP experience possible. We realize this requires us to ensure that every part of our company puts its best foot forward. Signing up is just the first step in experiencing a company who truly cares that you are taken care of, are getting the most for your money, and are receiving the best possible support and service. In short, TrinitiComm goes the extra mile for our customers because we wouldn't be here without you. This is one of the many reasons that 80% of new clients are referred by existing GeneSys™ customers, speaking volumes to our reputation and commitment to top-notch service.

Here Are A Few TrinitiComm Advantages...

SAVE 36 - 70% Over Traditional Phone Lines
  • Leverage the cost of your broadband Internet connection by using a small portion of it for your VoIP phone service.
  • True Unlimited Local, Long Distance, International Calling
  • Truly unlimited calling anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico AND to over 57 countries worldwide for less. Deeply discounted per minute international rates to over 100 countries. (Flat Rate Plans or Rate Search)
  • Great Calling Features For Free
  • The same great Features you're used to for free like Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, Call Forwarding and a few more you're probably not used to like Voice Mail to Email, Listen to messages online and more. Not a bunch of useless features you will never use, but features that will make your life easier.
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • Switch to TrinitiComm WITHOUT changing your number for free.
  • Simply enter your existing phone number here to find out if you can transfer your number.
  • Virtual & Toll Free Phone Numbers
  • Get additional (Virtual) phone numbers in the area code of your choice with unlimited calling for just $4.95 per month, per number. This is perfect for friends, family and even customers that you want to call you for free in their local area code.
  • Get a toll-free number for just $4.99 per month with 100 minutes included and a low 4.9¢ per minute thereafter so your customers or family and friends can call you on your dime.
  • Fast Same Day Set Up For New Service
  • Your new phone service is typically set up the same day or the following day after 6pm EST. ATAs are sent out at that time as well and will arrive within 3 days via USPS Priority Mail™.
  • Solid, Dependable And Proven Premium VoIP Phone Service
  • We have more than 150,000 VoIP phone customers.
  • We are pioneers of the VoIP industry and have been in business since 1997 and have been offering VoIP services since 2003. We are not new to this and our quality of service proves it.
  • We have grown dramatically in the last 5 years on the strength of just referrals alone. Since launching the TrinitiComm site, our online sales channel, we are prepared to grow even more.
  • Receive Your First Month of Service for Free
  • Let us prove what we say and enjoy your 1st month of service on us! If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, simply cancel without hassle and owe us nothing.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Cancel within 30 days of purchase and you won't be charged a thing. Your adapter deposit will be refunded promptly minus the shipping fee.
  • All equipment must be returned in the original packaging, including all components and manuals.
  • Usage must not exceed 250 minutes during your free trial month. All unlimited plans have no caps or restrictions on monthly calling and are in fact, unlimited.

  • Our Calling Plans & Quality Are Just The Beginning...
    Pricing may be what catches most people's attention but there's always more than meets the eye. When comparing us to other providers, be sure to take note of the following highlights...
    • No Setup Fees - Unlike most of our competitors we don't believe in hitting you with charges just for joining us.
    • First month of service is FREE so there's no risk to try.
    • Our Unlimited Plans are actually, well, unlimited. We don't cap our unlimited plans like our competitors and then charge you per minute when you exceed the cap. There are no minute restrictions on our unlimited plans so you can talk as much as you like, whenever you like.
    • Lower monthly rates than the industry leaders.
    • Full array of calling features, and we're still adding more.
    • Unlocked VoIP adapters - most providers lock their adapters so they cannot be used with another company. we don't believe in locking our adapters just to ransom your account.
    • No overseas restrictions - If you want to take your adapters overseas, that's ok too. We won't lock-out your account and there's no extra charges.
    • Free Soft Phone available (Phone software that runs on your PC or laptop).
    • Online order and shipment tracking.
    • Fair shipping charges - we don't believe in inflating the shipping fee just to squeeze a few extra dollars off you.
    • Detailed, easy to read billing in our robust and comprehensive online Customer Account Management area. Manage and make changes to your account 24x7x365 in real-time anywhere you can get on the Internet.

    Phone System Technical Infrastructure

    • Multiple redundant Voice gateways strategically placed at geographically dispersed and network independent top-tier data centers throughout North America.
    • We use industry leading VoIP hardware such as Cisco, Linksys, Grandstream, D-Link etc.
    • Automated 24/7 monitoring of all systems with technicians on-call and ready.
    • Guaranteed 99.9%+ system up-time.
    • System engineers maintain our industry leading phone quality, security and reliability.

    Superior Customer Service & Support
    We recognize the importance of delivering superior and hassle-free support. Our investment in customer service means our clients receive access to highly trained and dedicated support staff and the most advanced customer relation tools available. The results are clear as we have one of the highest first contact resolution rates in the industry.


    • Highly trained and dedicated support representatives.
    • North American support center with absolutely no overseas outsourcing. This means that our customers can understand what we're saying without the extra effort. This also ensures that our staff has the proper training and are kept up to date with the latest events, tools and materials. It also ensures that we can monitor and maintain performance levels more regularly.
    • Real-time support systems allow staff to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently and independently.
    • Leading edge tools to help us help you better. For instance, our no-hassle Remote Assist tool allow you to sit back and let us resolve technical issues while you watch.
    • Industry leading call wait times. We strive to answer your call as quickly as possible.
    • Automated call-back request system. You can go do your own thing and we'll call you back as soon as possible.
    • Intuitive voice menu system and dedicated toll-free numbers means you can get to the right people faster.
    • Seven days a week technical support.

    State-of-the-Art Customer Relations Management (CRM):

    Our powerful CRM system, Premier Service & Support Center, spans all the departments in our company and is used for all customer service and technical support inquiries 24x7x365. This means every customer inquiry can be tracked and accounted for around the clock and offers many benefits to our customers both before and after the sale. Here are a few:

    • High reliability.
    • Fast efficient handling of inquiries.
    • Total accountability of inquiries.
    • Integrated customer updates (via web and email).
    • Automated processing of inquiries.
    • Ticketing that allows any staff to handle an inquiry at any stage.
    • History of inquiries available in your account.
    • Powerful Live Chat technology.
    • Remote Online Assistance - We can remotely access your computer to teach and resolve issues.
    But Don't Take Our Word For It. Try Us Out For 30 Days!
    We are so confident of the quality of our service that we put our money where our mouth is and allow you to try out our VoIP phone service for 30 days. If you are not satisfied within those 30 days, you can walk away and owe us nothing. You have absolutely nothing to lose so Sign Up today!
    Sign Up!
    Unlimited Calls In the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico
    Unlimited International Calling To Your Choice of Either Europe or Asia*
    Great Calling Features
      • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID Display
    • Voice Mail
    • Voice to E-mail
    • Call Hold
    • Caller ID Block
    • 3-Way Calling
    • Enhanced Call
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    Free Softphone For Your Laptop or PC
    1st Month Free
    Just $19.99
    More Info
    2 Phone Lines
    Unlimited Calls In the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico
    Unlimited International Calling To Your Choice of Either Europe or Asia*
    Toll-Free Numbers
    Unlimited Virtual Numbers
    Great Calling Features
    Free Softphone For Your Laptop or PC
    1st Month Free
    Just $49.99
    More Info
    Call 5 Countries For FREE With Your Service
    The UK FREE
    France FREE
    Italy FREE
    Spain FREE
    Ireland FREE
    - OR -
    China FREE
    Hong Kong FREE
    Singapore FREE
    S. Korea FREE
    Taiwan FREE
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